Recommended resources for those desiring to dive deeper:

  1. Soteriology101: Hosted by Dr. Leighton Flowers, presents a theology of salvation known as "Provisionism". This site contains a good deal of discussion on the errors of Calvinistic teaching as well as other topics relating to God's plan of salvation offered to ALL mankind. Check out:
  2. A treasure trove of information, is the web home of the long-running conservative talk radio show Bob Enyart Live and of the creation-evolution program Real Science Radio. For Calvinist related information check out:
  3. IdolKiller: Destroying Sacred Cows for the Cause of Christ: Warren McGrew of Idol Killer discusses Biblical truth that has largely been lost in modern churches today. Having left Calvinism, Warren teaches that the Gospel is good news for ALL mankind. Check out: Idol Killer YouTube
  4. Beyond The Fundamentals: Kevin Thompson's YouTube channel Beyond The Fundamentals presents talks dissecting Calvinistic theology as well as other well researched bible centered teaching. BtF Youtube